Belarusian National Anthem :My, Bełarusy

We Belarusy (Belarusian: Мы, беларусы, English: We Belarusians) is the National Anthem of Belarus.

Lyrics of the Belarusian National Anthem are penned by Mikhas Klimkovich and Uladzimir Karyzna while the Anthem is Composed by Nester Sakalouski.

The music of the Belarusian National Anthem was Adopted on 24 September 1955 and then on 2 July 2002 its Lyrics were adopted.

The Belarusian National Anthem is a matter of Pride for all Belarusians and it is sung everywhere from Government Offices to Schools and Colleges on specially occasions like Constitution Day – Дзень Канстытуцыi (Dzień Kanstytucyji) on March 15, Victory Day – Дзень Перамогi (Dzień Pieramohi) on 9 May, State Flag and State Emblem Day – Дзень Дзяржаўнага Сцяга i Дзяржаўнага Герба (Dzień Dziaržaŭnaha Sciaha i Dziaržaŭnaha Hierba) on Second Sunday of May, Belarus Independence Day – Дзень Незалежнасцi (Dzień Niezaležnasci) on 3 July, etc.

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My, Bełarusy – Belarusian National Anthem Lyrics & Meaning :

Belarusian Lyrics English Romanization English Meaning

1. Мы, беларусы – мірныя людзі,
Сэрцам адданыя роднай зямлі,
Шчыра сябруем, сілы гартуем
Мы ў працавітай, вольнай сям’і.

Слаўся, зямлі нашай светлае імя,
Слаўся, народаў братэрскі саюз!
Наша любімая маці-Радзіма,
Вечна жыві і квітней, Беларусь!

2. Разам з братамі мужна вякамі
Мы баранілі родны парог,
У бітвах за волю, бітвах за долю
Свой здабывалі сцяг перамог!


3. Дружба народаў – сіла народаў –
Наш запаветны, сонечны шлях.
Горда ж узвіся ў ясныя высі,
Сцяг пераможны – радасці сцяг!


1. My, biełarusy – mirnyja ludzi,
Sercam addanyja rodnaj ziamli,
Ščyra siabrujem, siły hartujem
My ŭ pracavitaj, volnaj siami.

Słaŭsia, ziamli našaj svietłaje imia,
Słaŭsia, narodaŭ braterski sajuz!
Naša lubimaja maci-Radzima,
Viečna žyvi i kvitniej, Biełaruś!

2. Razam z bratami mužna viakami
My baranili rodny paroh,
U bitvach za volu, bitvach za dolu
Svoj zdabyvali sciah pieramoh!


3. Družba narodaŭ – siła narodaŭ –
Naš zapavietny, soniečny šlach.
Horda ž uzvisia ŭ jasnyja vysi,
Sciah pieramožny – radasci sciah!


1. We, the Belarusians, peaceful people,
Our heart is to our native land,
We maintain generous friendship and gain our powers
Within the industrious, free family.

Glory to the bright name of our land,
Glory to the fraternal union of our peoples!
Our beloved mother-Motherland,
Long you live and flourish, Belarus!

2. Together with brothers, with fortitude, during centuries
We guarded our native thresholds,
In struggles for freedom, in struggles for fate,
We have been gaining our banner of victories.


3. The friendship of peoples (which is) the power of peoples
Is our venerable, sunny path
You soar up proudly, into the bright heights,
The banner of victory, the banner of joy!


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Belarus National Anthem Sheet Music

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Note :

National Anthem of any country shall be respected and proper observance and decorum shall be maintained when it is played. All inhabitants are required to stand when the national anthem is played or sung.

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