Palestinian National Anthem : Fida’i

Fida’i (Arabic: فدائي‎‎, English: Fedayeen Warrior) is the National Anthem of Palestine.

Lyrics of the Palestinian National Anthem are penned by Said Al Muzayin and the Anthem is Composed by Ali Ismael.

The Palestinian National Anthem was Adopted in the year 1972.

The Palestinian National Anthem is a matter of Pride for all Palestinians and it is sung everywhere from Government Offices to Schools and Colleges on specially occasions like Palestine Independence Day on 15 November, etc.

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Fida’i – Palestinian National Anthem Lyrics & Meaning :

Arabic Lyrics English Romanization English Meaning

بلادي بلادي
بلادي يا أرضي يا أرض الجدود
فدائي فدائي
فدائي يا شعبي يا شعب الخلود
بعزمي وناري وبركان ثاري
وأشواق دمي لأرضي وداري
صعدت الجبالا وخضت النضالا
قهرت المحالا عبرت الحدود
صعدت الجبالا وخضت النضالا
قهرت المحالا عبرت الحدود


بعزم الرياح ونار السلاح
وإصرار شعبي بأرض الكفاح
فلسطين داري فلسطين ناري
فلسطين ثاري وأرض الصمود
فلسطين داري فلسطين ناري
فلسطين ثاري وأرض الصمود


حق القسم تحت ظل العلم
بأرضي وشعبي ونار الألم
سأحيا فدائي وأمضي فدائي
وأقضي فدائي إلى أن تعود
سأحيا فدائي وأمضي فدائي
وأقضي فدائي إلى أن تعود


Biladi Biladi
Biladi ya ardi ya arda al-judoud
Fida’i Fida’i
Fida’i ya sha’bi ya sha’b al-khuloud

1. Bi’azmi wa nari wa burkani thari
Wa ashwaqi dammi li ardi wa dari
Sa’adto al-jibala wa khodto an-nidala
Qaharto al-mohala abarto al-hudood


2. Bi’azmi al-riyah wa nari al-silah
Wa israri sha’bi bi ardi al-kifah
Filisteeno dari Filisteeno nari
Filisteeno thari wa ardi as-sumood


3. Bihaqqi al-qasam tahta zilli al-‘alam
Bi ardi w sha’bi wa nari al-alam
Sa ahya fida’i wa amdee fida’i
Wa aqdee fida’i ila ann ta’oud


My country, my country
My country, oh my land, oh land of my forefathers
Freedom fighter, freedom fighter
Freedom fighter, oh my people, Oh people of eternity

1. By my strong will and my inflaming rage, my volcanic revenge
By my yearning blood for my land and home
I have climbed the mountains and combated struggles
I have subdued in the impossible and smashed the shackles


2. By the storming winds and the firing arms
By my people determination, by the land of strife
Palestine is my home, Palestine is my fire
Palestine is my revenge, and the land of resistance


3. By vowing the oath beneath the shade of the flag
By my land, by my people, by my firing pain
Resistor I must survive, revolutionary I must proceed
Sacrificer I must end, until I return


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Fida’i – Palestinian National Anthem Sheet Music :

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Note :

National Anthem of any country shall be respected and proper observance and decorum shall be maintained when it is played. All inhabitants are required to stand when the national anthem is played or sung.

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