Portuguese National Anthem : A Portuguesa

Lyrics of the Portuguese National Anthem are penned by Henrique Lopes de Mendonça and the Anthem is Composed by Alfredo Keil.

The Portuguese National Anthem was Adopted on July 19, 1911.

The Portuguese National Anthem is a matter of Pride for all Portuguese and it is sung everywhere from Government Offices to Schools and Colleges on specially occasions like Freedom Day – Dia da Liberdade on 25 April, Portugal Day – Dia de Portugal on 10 June, Republic Day – Implantação da República on 5 October, Restoration of Independence – Restauração da Independência on 1 December, etc.

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A Portuguesa – Portuguese National Anthem Lyrics & Meaning :

Portuguese Lyrics English Meaning
1. Heróis do mar, nobre povo,
Naçao valente, imortal,
Levantai hoje de novo
Os esplendor de Portugal
Entre as brumas da memória.
Ó Pátria sente-se a voz
Dos teus egrégios avós
Que há-de guiar-te à vitória.
Às armas! Às armas!
Sobre a terra, sobre o mar!
Às armas! Às armas!
Pela Pátria lutar!
Contra os canhões marchar, marchar!
2. Desfralda a invicta bandeira
À luz viva do teu céu
Brade a Europa à terra inteira
Portugal não pereceu!
Beija o solo teu jucundo
O oceano a rujir d’amor;
E o teu braço vencedor
Deu mundos novos ao mundo!
3. Saudai o sol que desponta
Sobre um ridente porvir;
Seja o eco d’uma afronta
O sinal de ressurgir.
Raios d’essa aurora forte
São como beijos de mãe
Que nos guardam, nos sustêm,
Contra as injúrias da sorte
1. Heroes of the sea, noble race,
Valiant and immortal nation,
Now is the hour to raise up on high once more
Portugal’s splendour.
From out of the mists of memory,
Oh Homeland, we hear the voices
Of your great forefathers
That shall lead you on to victory!
To arms, to arms
On land and sea!
To arms, to arms
To fight for our Homeland!
To march against the enemy guns!
2. Unfurl the unconquerable flag
In the bright light of your sky!
Cry out all Europe and the whole world
That Portugal has not perished.
Your happy land is kissed
By the Ocean that murmurs with love.
And your conquering arm
Has given new worlds to the world!


3. Salute the Sun that rises
On a smiling future:
Let the echo of an insult be
The signal for our revival.
The rays of that powerful dawn
Are like a mother’s kisses
That protect us and support us
Against the insults of fate.


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A Portuguesa – Portuguese National Anthem Sheet Music :

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Portuguese National Anthem Sheet Music

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Note :

National Anthem of any country shall be respected and proper observance and decorum shall be maintained when it is played. All inhabitants are required to stand when the national anthem is played or sung.

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