Qatari National Anthem : Al-Salam Al-Amiri

Al-Salam Al-Amiri (Arabic: السلام الأميري‎‎, English: “Peace to the Prince”) is the national Anthem of Qatar.

Lyrics of the Qatari National Anthem are penned by Sheikh Mubarak bin Saïf al-Thani and the Anthem is Composed by Abdul Aziz Nasser Obaidan.

The Qatari National Anthem was Adopted on December 7, 1996.

The Qatari National Anthem is a matter of Pride for all Qataris and it is sung everywhere from Government Offices to Schools and Colleges on specially occasions like Qatar National Day on 18 December,etc.

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Al-Salam Al-Amiri – Qatari National Anthem Lyrics & Meaning :

Arabic Lyrics English Romanization English Meaning

قسماً بمن رفع السماء
قسماً بمن نشر الضياء
قطر ستبقى حرة
تسمو بروح الأوفياء
سيروا على نهج الأولى
وعلى ضياء الأنبياء
قطر بقلبي سيرة
عز وأمجاد الإباء
قطر الرجال الأولين
حماتنا يوم النداء
وحمائم يوم السلام
جوارح يوم الفداء


Qasaman bimn rafaa asama
Qasaman bimn nashara adia
Qataron satabko huratn
tasmu biroha alaawfia

1. Siru ala nahji alaali
wa ala dia alaambia
Qataron bikalbi siratum
izum wa amjad alaaba
Qataru arrijali alaawalina
hunatuna yawma annida
Wa hama imu yawma salam
jawarihu yawma alfida


Swearing by God who erected the sky
Swearing by God who spread the light
Qatar will always be free
Sublimed by the souls of the sinceres1. Procede thou on the manners of the ascendants
And advance on Prophet’s guidance
In my heart,
Qatar is an epic of glory and dignity
Qatar is land of the early men
Who protect us at time of distress,
Doves they can be at times of peace,
Warriors they are at times of sacrificeChorus

Al-Salam Al-Amiri – Qatari National Anthem Video :

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Al-Salam Al-Amiri – Qatari National Anthem Mp3 Download :

Al-Salam Al-Amiri – Qatari National Anthem Instrumental Music Mp3 Download

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Al-Salam Al-Amiri – Qatari National Anthem Sheet Music :

If you are a performer and wish to perform the Qatari National Anthem on Piano, Keyboard, Flute, Trumpet, Violin, Clarinet, Guitar or any other musical instrument then you will require Qatari National Anthem Sheet Music.

Find below Sheet Music of the Qatari National Anthem –

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Note :

National Anthem of any country shall be respected and proper observance and decorum shall be maintained when it is played. All inhabitants are required to stand when the national anthem is played or sung.

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