Romanian National Anthem : Wake up, Romanian

Wake up, Romanian (Romanian: Deșteaptă-te, române!) is the National Anthem of Romania. It is also known as “Awaken thee, Romanian!” or “Awaken, Romanian!”.

Lyrics of the Romanian National Anthem are penned by Andrei Mureşianu and the Anthem is Composed by Anton Pann.

The Romanian National Anthem was Adopted on April, 1990.

The Romanian National Anthem is a matter of Pride for all Romanians and it is sung everywhere from Government Offices to Schools and Colleges on specially occasions like Independence Day / King’s Day on 10 May, National Flag Day on 26 June, National Anthem Day on 29 July, Armed Forces Day on 25 October, National Day / Great Union on 1 December, Constitution Day on 8 December, etc.

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Wake up, Romanian – Romanian National Anthem Lyrics & Meaning :

Romanian Lyrics English Meaning
1. Deşteaptă-te, române, din somnul cel de moarte,
În care te-adânciră barbarii de tirani
Acum ori niciodată croieşte-ţi altă soarte,
La care să se-nchine şi cruzii tăi duşmani.

2. Acum ori niciodată să dăm dovezi în lume
Că-n aste mâni mai curge un sânge de roman,
Şi că-n a noastre piepturi păstrăm cu fală-un nume
Triumfător în lupte, un nume de Traian.

4. Priviţi, măreţe umbre, Mihai, Ştefan, Corvine,
Româna naţiune, ai voştri strănepoţi,
Cu braţele armate, cu focul vostru-n vine,
“Viaţa-n libertate ori moarte” strigă toţi.

11. Preoţi, cu crucea-n frunte căci oastea e creştină,
Deviza-i libertate şi scopul ei preasfânt.
Murim mai bine-n luptă, cu glorie deplină,
Decât să fim sclavi iarăşi în vechiul nost’pământ.

1. Wake up, Romanian, from your deadly sleep
Into which you’ve been sunk by the barbaric tyrants
Now, or never, your fate renew,
To which your enemies will bow to.

2. Now or never let’s give proof to the world
That in these veins still flows a Roman blood,
That in our chests we still maintain our pride in a name
The victor in his battles, the name of Trajan!

4. Watch on, shadows of highnesses, Mihai, Stefan, Corvinus,
The Romanian Nation, your great grandchildren,
With weapons in their arms, with your fire in their veins,
“Life in freedom or death!” shout all.

11. Priests, lead with your crucifixes! Because our army is Christian,
The motto is Liberty and its goal is holy,
Better to die in battle, in full glory,
Than to once again be slaves upon our ancient ground!

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Note :

National Anthem of any country shall be respected and proper observance and decorum shall be maintained when it is played. All inhabitants are required to stand when the national anthem is played or sung.

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