Slovenian National Anthem : Zdravljica

Zdravljica (English: A Toast) is the National Anthem of Slovenia.

Lyrics of the Slovenian National Anthem are penned by France Prešeren and the Anthem is Composed by Stanko Premrl.

The Slovenian National Anthem was Adopted on September 27, 1989.

The Slovenian National Anthem is a matter of Pride for all Slovenians and it is sung everywhere from Government Offices to Schools and Colleges on specially occasions like Slovenia Statehood Day on 25 June, Slovenia Sovereignty Day on 25 October, Independence and Unity Day on 26 December, etc.

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Zdravljica – Slovenian National Anthem Lyrics & Meaning :

Slovenian Lyrics English Meaning
Žive naj vsi narodi
ki hrepene dočakat’ dan,
da koder sonce hodi,
prepir iz sveta bo pregnan,
da rojak
prost bo vsak,
ne vrag, le sosed bo mejak!
God’s blessing on all nations,
Who long and work for that bright day,
When o’er earth’s habitations
No war, no strife shall hold its sway;
Who long to see
That all men free
No more shall foes, but neighbours be!

Zdravljica – Slovenian National Anthem Video :

Instrumental Video –

Vocal Video –

Zdravljica – Slovenian National Anthem Mp3 Download :

Zdravljica – Slovenian National Anthem Instrumental Music Mp3 Download

Vocal Music Mp3 Download –

You can download this Zdravljica – Slovenian National Anthem Mp3 and can set it as your Mobile Ringtone also.

Zdravljica – Slovenian National Anthem Sheet Music :

If you are a performer and wish to perform the Slovenian National Anthem on Piano, Keyboard, Flute, Trumpet, Violin, Clarinet, Guitar or any other musical instrument then you will require Norwegian National Anthem Sheet Music.

Find below Sheet Music of the Slovenian National Anthem –

Slovenia National Anthem Sheet Music

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Note :

National Anthem of any country shall be respected and proper observance and decorum shall be maintained when it is played. All inhabitants are required to stand when the national anthem is played or sung.

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